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Stir Until Petrified

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Recipe for Disaster


Jeany Jones and The Cave of Nope




Theda Vallee is an author, of Fantasy and Urban Fantasy with occasional forays into Sci-Fi. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with two sons, two cats, and two yappy pups. She clearly likes to collect things in pairs.

​Living in a place where the sun never shines, she channels her rain-induced delirium into creating fierce independent heroines that kick-ass and take names.


Her obsession with mythology and folklore can be seen as she often interweaves known legends into her vibrant worlds, but always with a distinctly Theda twist.


When she's not writing, you can find her hiking in the beautiful forests of the PNW, reading everything she can get her hands on, and traveling to distant locales in search of snacks.



I love to hear from readers! You can reach me via email and I'll always reply, even if it takes a bit. Fair warning, if you're a dick-I bite back. 

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