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Stir Until Petrified

Welcome to beautiful Palermo Bay, where the witches are fierce

...and the biscotti is to die for.

Violetta "Etta" Massoni is an Italian witch living and working with her overbearing family in the sleepy seaside town of Palermo Bay. Healing from tragedy, she wants nothing to do with the magic she was born with.

Etta soon finds herself forced into the world of magic that she had resisted for so long. The peaceful calm of her community is shattered by a string of attacks that leaves fifteen people trapped in their dreams. An ominous magic task force is sent to investigate, with Etta as their number one suspect.

Her family has never been able to mind their own business, and they aren’t about to start now! Dragging her grandmother from crime scenes will be the least of her worries. Join Etta and the whole Massoni girl gang on a perilous, hilarious adventure filled with magic, myth, and minestrone!

A Recipe for Disaster Cover.jpg

Recipe for Disaster

Mix two parts mystery, add a dash of danger, and a sparkling heap of fabulous...

Etta Massoni used to work in her families bakery, now she chases supernatural baddies, trying her best to keep Stella, her attitude ridden magic and her family in check. 

When the cities nightclubs fall prey to an ancient curse, the bodies start piling up. The supernatural world is under threat of exposure, her team is in shambles, and a group of drag queens needs saving. 

When the Massoni family decides to fight for justice, they go all in, even if it means Nonna has to learn to twerk in the name of justice. 


Jeany Jones and the Cave of Nope

"You want to know the best part of being a djinn? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Jack Shit. I've spent my life granting wishes for flesh bags who don't deserve it, and I don't even get to use my powers in my off-hours. Djinn life blows!" 

Jeany Jones is so over living her life tied to a lamp. When she's not drunk or starting bar fights, Jeany is hustling the streets trying to earn enough money to pay next month's rent. Djinn life is not what the freaking brochure's promised. 

When a mysterious vampire shows up offering to share the location of an object of power that will free Jeany from her djinn chains, she's all in. All he wants is one little wish. Easy! 

Jeany takes off with her best friend Cece the Leprechaun, Taffy a slightly deranged Selkie and the vampire who seems too good to be true. What the fuck could wrong?